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Temperature monitoring in the processing of plastics

The plastics industry poses a challenge for the non-contact temperature measurement. Throughout the respective stages of the manufacturing process, for example in injection moulding processes or thermoforming, several different temperature ranges have to be monitored and analysed in order to ensure a high quality level of the plastics product. To meet these expectations, Optris has developed specific infrared measuring devices for the themperature surveillance in the processing of plastics.

The following articles and our brochure Non-contact temperature measurement in the plastics industry (NEW) will introduce you to several application examples, in which optris thermometers and infrared cameras are successfully applied. Should your application be missing, please use our pyrometer selector to find the proper device for your needs or contact our application engineers.

Thermoforming of Foil

thermoformed product

To avoid local burning and crack formation, an even temperature of the material is of importance during thermoforming processes. Thermal imagers are used to retract the temperature regime of equipment. Punctual measuring pyrometers take care of the temperature control during production by monitoring defined measurement points.


Recommended devices: Infrared thermometer optris CT LT or
infrared camera optris PI

Application note: Plastics industry

Injection Molding

temperature monitoring during casting

To avoid a distortion of building elements during injection moulding processes, the process can be monitored by thermal imagers. By measuring the molded parts when opening the mold, temperature overstepping or undershoot (hot spots, cold spots) can be detected and the molding temperature can be adjusted on time.

Recommended device: Infrared camera optris PI

For further information see the application note: "The Termal Fingerprint - Injection Molding in the Focus of Industry 4.0"


PET Bottle Production

temperature measurement of PET Bottles

The injection blow process is very common for the production of PET bottles. A PET preform (injection molded part) will be heated and pressed into a form by compressed air. To control the preform temperature at different spots, fast punctual measuring pyrometers (response time 6 ms) or the fast thermal imager (frequency 100 Hz) are recommended.

Recommended devices: Infrared thermometer optris CTfast LT or
infrared camera optris PI